Dean & Deluca Store & Restaurant by KONTRA Architecture

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The famous preeminent purveyor of food Dean & Deluca is now in Turkey with a distinction of . This museum of eating and drinking culture, opened it’s first Europe store in İstanbul with an eye catching design to host food lovers with a new concept. The project designed and implemented by , impresses guests with its food and products as well as ensuring their comfort through elegant and functional store design.

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This is the first among all 35 stores of the brand, that the merchandising guru is incorporating a function of both retailing and . The store has a dynamic product range that will change according to the season. The stainless steel metroshelf systems, one of the symbols of Dean & Deluca, have been used. A visual richness is created on these shelves, stocking up various products and food ascendantly one after the other, which come from every part of the world. The ceiling panels manufactured from stainless steel, ensure visual integrity.

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Maintaining the style of the first Dean & Deluca store in Soho, New York, where the products are rising up to the ceiling in front of white walls are reminiscent of a magical marketplace, so the food is the star, while white metro tiles cover the walls emphasizing colourful packages and enlivened the space perception using white marble on the ground and counter. The common white-weighted ambiance in the store is balanced with the warmth of a massive oak Kontra design tables, chairs and sofas.

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Dean & Deluca Kanyon store opened with the project partnership of Kontra Architecture has happened to become the first choice of the people who attach importance to the quality food and venue.

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