Tincan Pop-up Restaurant by Amanda Levete

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Architect has opened a pop-up in London’s Soho where tins of fish and seafood are displayed in a “a museum-type vitrine” before being dished up to customers to eat straight out of the can. “It was a former fishing tackle place, a tiny little room that had been converted into somewhere that just sold tinned fish,”


“I became obsessed before I’d even found it because someone had told me about it. So we went there for lunch, and what started out as lunch quickly became an idea and quickly became a project,” she said.


Levete – who made her name as one of the directors of Future Systems alongside her former husband, the late Jan Kaplický – decided to recreate the space in London, acting as both client and architect for the project. Named Tincan, the restaurant opened this week as part of the London Design Festival and will remain in place for the next six months.


The starting point for the project was the food – the team sourced produce from countries including Portugal, Spain, Iceland and Iran, with an aim to serve “the best tinned seafood in the world”. There was no need for a kitchen, as the fish is served as it comes.


To celebrate the iconography of the cans and their packaging, they were used as the main decoration in the space. A series of plastic prongs on the walls and behind the shopfront create a framework for displaying the tins in rows. “We thought: ‘Let’s elevate the humble tin into an object of desire, let’s put it in a museum-type vitrine, let’s make a spectacular display of them’,” she said.


AL_A worked with different material suppliers to custom-make all of the furniture and fittings for the space. A sheet of extra-black Corian provided a surface for the main wall, and was shaped to frame a space for displaying special or featured items.

Bespoke pendant lights were made using OLED technology from LG, while stackable seating and tables were produced by Portuguese furniture brand Iduna. Levete and her team even plan to wait tables. “Whenever I’m on a break from meeting a deadline, I’ll be down helping out. We’re thinking of having guest waiters, maybe even getting some of our clients to do it,” she said.



Source : dezeen, Amanda Levete

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