Parisian Loft by Grégoire De Lafforest

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Under the canopy of an old warehouse, interior architect Grégoire De used a dash of imagination to reinvent a Parisian loft, with a new design inspired by nature. , describes the gutted out space as “a warehouse floor with the boiler of the building in the middle.” The architect took one look at the 1,100 and re-imagined the space as “a village of six small houses that helped gain volume and life to the space.”


Lafforest, a creative man accustomed to working with such high profile brands on high budgets, had to use some of his low-budget instincts to create the eclectic aesthetics for the . The designer decided to mix the old with the new, expensive with the inexpensive, and pops of bright color with muted tones to achieve a playful and sophisticated ambiance.


The two bedroom apartment is comprised of a master suite, children’s suite, a large living-slash-dining room, a kitchen, and bathroom. The kitchen and living room area are located under an A-frame glass ceiling. To highlight this greenhouse effect, Lafforest erected a build-it-yourself greenhouse kit, painted it black, then specified a black Ikea kitchen inside.






Source : Grégoire De Lafforest

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