Boon Jr, Clothing Store Design by Wonderwall Inc.

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Wonderwall is interior design company that succesfull for colorfull retail store interior design. This is South Korea kids clothing store designed by Wonderwall, Boon Jr. is located inside the Shinsegae department store..

‘Kids are in the process of growing up and I wanted to create a space which communicates that they have such huge possibilities for the future,’ says Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall Inc. He says the concept is ‘new school,’ which, as opposed to ‘old school,’ is a refined outlook as opposed to out-of-date frigidity.

Fusing a degree of visual association with schoolhouse chalkboards, the monotone interior walls of Boon Jr. Shop are juxtaposed against black and white Trechan coated wood tiles that add a retro sense of sophistication to the square footage. The space caters to both young and old through a layout that offers fluidity and merchandising for adults while playful drawings and delicately positioned design elements welcome children into a playful and fun environment.

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