The Wine Cellars For The Wine UNICO by Fernando Salas

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The alteration project for the of the wine “Unico”, for Vega-Sicilia in Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid), mainly consisted of renovating the space parting from a new conditioning system, lighting and services, and improving communication between different floors (staircases and freight lift). This is new from (Salas Studio).

The project required maximum rigor, leaving little space for improvisation or casualty. Every material used in the process should previously be analyzed to ensure they met the pertinent bacteriological requirements, to achieve an optimum conservation and quality of the wine. The consists of a and underground floor.

The project proposed the design of an undulated ceiling made of solid oak tree wooden slats which would bring together the three naves on each floor. This undulated surface solves the hidden introduction of , allowing expulsion through the peripheral limits where the ceiling meets the walls, and creating the air return through the gaps between the slats of the central arch. The formal solution of the ceiling is applied on both floors, while the are only necessary on the ground floor.

Each floor has two central rows of pillars, dividing the room into three naves, which are used to illuminate the space. Cladding two sides of the pillars with flamed granite and creating a space in between, backlit panels with stainless steel grids are introduced on the other two faces. The lights can vary in intensity to offer an optimum control over the illumination of space at every moment.

The hidden air conditioning systems in the ceiling and the lighting in the pillars were the basic project premises, followed to achieve a neat and clear space to receive the wine barrels. As for the interior skin of the space, clinker type tiles were used as cladding for the side walls, fitted in a cross-linked manner, creating a resemblance with the existing floor. This way the floor and vertical faces in the warehouse become a ceramic U, covered by the undulated wooden ceiling.

Beside the freight lift is the second staircase going to the underground cellar, renovated using projecting steps with a stainless steel frame and solid oak wood tread, supported on one side by the side wall and on the other welded to the vertical rods which form the sculptural lattice/rail of “branches” which goes through both floors and is lighted up at the edge of the floor framework in between.

In its essence, the alteration project was begging for a reduction and simplicity in the variety of materials; the main protagonist of the project were the wine barrels, so the concept of the project must have been based on resolving certain technical requirements and new systems, dignifying the architectural finish and achieving a globally harmonic space, functional and elegantly sober for the sanctuary of one of the “unique”, excusing the repetition, best wines in the world.

Source : Fernando Salas

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