Interior Design Ideas : Small Loft 58 m²

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Every house has its advantages and reveals the of the owner. The 58 m 2 loft in the picture can be characterized through a key word and that is the division in two heights that transforms the entire place into a unique home. The elements that make the difference are, besides the height of the roof, the stairs and the right mix of colors; all these contribute to the of this distinct space.

The two floors are connected by a spiral design that stands out for its refined style; the stairs not only provide the way to the next floor, but they also allow the entrance of natural light. In a generally white atmosphere, characterized by elegance and simplicity, the orange shades from the kitchen and not only animate the place and offer that touch, which gives personality and charm.

The black and white paintings and the decorative objects have their well defined place, that of highlighting the beauty and of completing the elegant atmosphere that reigns everywhere in this house.

The orange furniture from the kitchen, the carpet and the pillows in the living match perfectly with the whiteness of the place; the wide windows and the white furniture give the impression of a wider space and create a serene space which seem to exist in order to relax people. The materials used prove quality and good taste. Every room seems to be the expression of comfort and elegance we all want.

Source : Freshome, micasa

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