Woodbury University School of Architecture

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is a relatively new program benefitting the industry with a concentrated curriculum designed to develop specific professional skills that will help practitioners expand their services. However, in order for the program to be effectively imparted to students, it should be incorporated in a dynamic environment that will foster individuality and inspiration for all to perform in achievement to their performance. Unlike most universities, can lay claim to such nurturing surrounding perfect for the . The program explores how the physical and social join to create interior spaces infused with aesthetic and cultural relevance. Physical constructs of the visual arts, product design, furniture design, and architecture commingle with the social sciences, and the humanities. Using three-dimensional models, computer rendering, and drawing, students explore various disciplines that collectively are Interior Architecture. Students gain expertise in developing the essential elements of interior design, such as form, color, lighting, finishes and furnishings, along with appropriate building technology, material science, and behavioral factors to create spatial compositions. In a field of rapidly changing technology and ideas, the program provides students with both the professional and intellectual tools necessary to negotiate this exciting cultural landscape.

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