Orchard House, Minimalist Concept Interior by Arch11

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Arch11 have designed the interior of a home in , . Arch11 was tasked with designing an authentic for a speculative home purchased by our client. The monochromatic palette is contrasted by a two-story red glass stair enclosure; a formal sculpture in the space that provides a haptic experience playing with one’s sense of color as you pass up or down the stairs.

Walls were removed to facilitate an overlapping of spaces and provide connection to the north and south yards throughout the public spaces. A play of tone and texture, rather than color, delineates surface treatments. Walls are white, whether plaster, glass or casework.

The polished concrete floor surface transforms to become the fireplace wall; the polymorphous material remains the same, only the surface texture and tone change. A formal language of overlapping horizontal planes establishes a design language for stairs, hearth, kitchen and breakfast room table.

Source : Arch11, Interior Design

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