Les Ateliers Ruby, Boutique Store Interior Design

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ur favorite helmet designers Les Ateliers Ruby just opened their first boutique, The company has collaborated with many well knwon designers such as Karl Lagerfield, Maison Martin Margiela, Sponge Bob Square Paints, the French purveyors of über-chic helmets. Boutique Store located close to Le Louvre and Palais Royal at #1 Rue Herold.

The boutique presents limited runs, art editions, one-offs that represent the “Ruby’s universe and demanding aesthetic”. The Ruby boutique store is also presenting a changing display of beautifully restored classic motorbikes designed entirely by Ruby head-honcho Jerome Coste.

The store is constructed of strong black wood, bolted steel, aluminum furniture and the same quilted cardinal leather that you’ll find inside the luxury helmets. all which makes up it’s retro industrial feel. In true cycle-couture form, a gold plated motorcycle acts as the bold centerpiece to the long awaited boutique.

Source : weheart, Les Ateliers Ruby, Boutiqueruby

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