You by Dialect by Electric Dreams

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here do you enjoy the you buy? The majority of the time it’s at home, so, why do shops all look like a clinical, space-age hospital waiting room? That’s the thinking behind this quirky and playful ‘living room’ environment that super-talented Swedish architecture and design studio, , have designed for this ‘You by Dialect’ store in central Stockholm, Sweden. Giant, upholstered purple lampshades, product displays as mixed sized, glossy black picture frames and contemporary furniture, with a decidedly vintage edge, all come together to create the sort of elegant, homely environment that puts you at ease the moment you walk through the doors.

The latest gadgets and accessories can be browsed at leisure, whilst staff invite customers to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, it certainly beats that ultra-modern warehouse feeling that pervades the industry – and maybe, just maybe, if more technology outlets adopted this sophisticated approach they wouldn’t be battling so damn hard for you business with online retailers

Source : Electric Dreams, Weheart

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Consumer Reviews

  1. oh my! really cool concept. I love the idea of the hanging texts. really creative.

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