Top 10 Kitchens by Southern Accents

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Light, Elegant, Refined : The space feels both elegant and casual, with rich ebony doors and the banquette’s tufting and nailhead detailing contrasting with more rustic touches, such as the pine table, with chipping paint, and backsplash of whitewashed brick. The banquette facing away from the area allows the room to function as a comfortable gathering space. The hardware is understated to maintain the living room-like quality.
Red, Modern, Mix : The daring color is balanced by simple white walls, black countertops, and hardwood floors. Stainless steel appliances give the kitchen a modern air, while the chandelier and the wood table and stools add more traditional touches. Interiors by: Susan Massey
Contrast, Variety, Livability : The slate floors contrast with the dominant white throughout the rest of the kitchen. A variety of countertop materials―wood, marble, and stainless steel―adds interest without being too disjointed. The room encompasses both elegance and livability. A chandelier provides overhead lighting, and nooks behind the stove are a handy spot for small items. Interiors by: Heidi Friedler
Coastal, Simple, Blue : The blue glass tile mimics the sea, and a wall of windows brings the outdoors in. This kitchen is all about making life easier―two sinks across from each other, a pot-filler faucet by the stove, and lots of counter space are a cook’s dream. The look is clean and simple―great for a beach house. Interiors by: Suzanne Kasler Interiors
Rustic, Restored, Open : Its utilitarian nature is just right for a Texas farmhouse and its owner, who has a passion for cooking. With its salvaged 10-burner restaurant stove and rolling butcher-block table, this kitchen isn’t afraid of serious cooking. A low bar surrounds the work space so that everyone can enjoy the smells and sounds of dinner cooking. Interiors by: Homeowners Jack and Hedda Dowd and architectural designer Frank Clements.
Views, Airy, Open : The light-filled space, which faces an adjacent garden area, seems more like a greenhouse―even the sink looks like it could be found in a garden shed. The flooring matches the cabinetry, which gives the kitchen continuity and doesn’t distract the eye from the view. Having more windows, rather than wall cabinets, keeps the room open and airy. Interiors by: Kathy Bennett, J. Hartley Interiors
Stately, Understated, Combined : Minimalist cabinetry lets period details, such as the dentil molding and original mantel, stand out. The designer combined refined elements―such as an ancestral portrait and antique rug―with less serious accents―such as ’50s-style metal stools. Painted black muntins lend the large, uncovered windows a finished look. Interiors by: Mark Maresca, Maresca & Associates Architects
Neat, Comfortable, Finished : Lighting from a variety of sources―ceiling fixtures, sconces, and lamps―contributes to the living room feel. The soft color palette, as well as upholstered seating that isn’t dwarfed by the size of the room, makes the large space warm and comfortable. A decorative accent hung above the stove provides a finishing touch. Interiors by: Gwyn Duggan Design Associates
Green, Natural, Refreshing : An antique green stain on the cabinetry and pine-paneled walls lightens up a room dominated by wood. Distressed copper on the island countertop, hood, and backsplash complements the natural palette. Clean-lined iron lanterns tie in with the color of the cabinet hardware. Interiors by: Elaine Griffin Interior Design
European, Rustic, Expansive : A terra-cotta wall color, mismatched barstools, distressed cabinetry, and limestone floors give the space an old-world, European look. High ceilings with exposed beams make the kitchen seem open and spacious. The oversize hood fits the scale of the room and displays a collection of gleaming copper cookware. Interiors by: Beverly Jacomini, Jacomini Miclette Design.

Source : Southern Accents

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  3. These all look fantastic – I saw a similar kitchen to the all white on Angelo Surmelis’ website – I put the URL above… but the key for him was that he did it for like $25k – and it looks as good/better I think… a real room that is warm/inviting… so many people put a kitchen in that does not fit the rest of their home.

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  9. I love the second red one in the list, I wish I could have my kitchen look like that. :)

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