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wiredlivinghomes1 Its WIRED Living Home

Preparing for its big debut in Los Angeles this fall, the WIRED Living Home is making quite a splash. We’ve written about Steve Glenn’s Living Homes prefab company before, and touted the houses’ green design innovations by renown architect Ray Kappe, but this recent collaboration with WIRED Magazine is taking prefab to a new and “high tech, low impact” level. The WIRED Living Home will combine all the green elements we love, from the reuse of building materials and a LEED® Gold rating to passive heating and cooling and solar power. Combine all that with some cutting-edge technologies, like automated theatre, temperature, and lighting, and you’ve got yourself a 4,000 square foot masterpiece of green design.

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“The WIRED Home is where green plugs in. LEED® certified and designed by Ray Kappe, FAIA, the house is prefab to reduce cost and waste. Installation takes only one day. Fully automated to allow for simplicity and control, it is filled with the latest in gadgets, gear and appliances, yet still keeps kilowatt usage low. Even the car is environmentally friendly. Emitting essentially nothing but water vapor, the BMW Hydrogen 7 is the first hydrogen-powered luxury performance sedan for everyday use.”
The project is sponsored by BMW Clean Energy, and will open its doors later this year for public tours, sustainable programming, and charity-driven events. Once tickets for the showhouse go on sale, don’t pass them up- not only do you get a first-hand view of some of the best and greenest prefab out there, but a portion of all ticket sale proceeds will go to Global Green USA.
Also check out the website for some very cool videos.
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Source : Inhabitat, Interior Design

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  1. wow, the outer design itself is very attractive and natural, i am planning to make a home of its kind….

    great work

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